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News from the Hotel Anemone in Lech

This is the place to find all the latest news about Hotel Anemone and its surroundings


Award by our hotel guests


We are really pleased to have received the "Treveller Review Award 2023" from the world's leading booking portal, This award shows us that we are still on the right track and our efforts to satisfy guests are noticed.

Digital Award 2023

Sustainable cosmetics and hotel products

Maria´s Organic Hotel Care - the forward-looking hotel cosmetics

Guests are becoming increasingly aware of the environment and using ethically produced goods, so the choice of cosmetic and spa products in the hotel bathroom is important. Enjoyment of the products should be enhanced by a clear conscience. The usual hotel cosmetic brands are gradually becoming less acceptable. Make a statement by using MARíAS® Organic HotelCare, a bio-cosmetic brand established 30 years ago by Pieper Biokosmetik in Salzburg. Featuring innovative products, clean elegant design and, last but not least, environmentally friendly packaging, their success is guaranteed. 


  • The highest quality – for your most discerning guests
  • Certified bio-cosmetics - guaranteed BIO
  • Green packaging – for added sustainability
  • Vegan formulas, not tested on animals.
  • Produced locally, because the best things are close by
  • Refills possible
  • Attractive produce for your hotel shop
  • Directly from the makers – value for money and  available from the warehouse

Bee sponsorship completed with the 
queen bee Veronika in the team


Honey experience Hinteregger invests also in 2023, so that we can continue to produce high quality products for them and of course to remain competitive in the market.

Adopt a bee colony



In 2020 Hinteregger Honey Centre will once again be investing in new ideas to facilitate more high quality products and, naturally, to remain competitively in the market. We will be buying a new honey centrifuge. Fully automatic and with 14 honeycombs, it will enable faster and more economical production. Due to lack of space and ever-increasing demand for our products, we have decided to move our production area and honey bottling facilities from their present location in Bodensdorf-Parkgasse to Ströblitz. From now on the 60m2 office container in Bodensdorf-Parkgasse will function only as a warehouse. We have bought a house in Ströblitz and the renovation work has already begun. The conversion of the building will be well underway by March. This will include a modern production area for the honey harvest and the bottling process. Naturally, there will still be facilities for purchase by both mail order and collection.
Production is planned to start at the beginning of April 2020.

Praise from our hotel guests

Our guests have been very complimentary on! 

We are absolutely delighted to have received the “Guest Review Award 2018” issued by the internationally recognised booking site, A direct result of bookings made via the site, this award proves to us that our endeavours to provide the services our guests need are still on the right track

Even outside the main winter season we like to keep our hotel firing on all cylinders, and always  have something new and unexpected in store for our guests. Just wait and see what surprises e come up with next year!

Please accept our heartfelt thanks, and be assured that we will continue to serve our guests to the best of our ability! 

New wellness complex in  Hotel Anemone

Offering 40 rooms, a wellness complex and an attractive restaurant, our family-run hotel was first established in the 1970s by sisters Veronika and Eugenie Strolz, and since that time it has been continually extended and updated. Nephew Mathias Beiser, the latest managing director, has introduced new ideas and brought fresh impetus into the hotel. Each year new refurbishment work is carried out with tireless enthusiasm – new bathrooms, new floors – there’s always something going on.

This year there were even more new projects being tackled, and this time the main focus was on the renovation of the entire wellness complex. The alterations were planned and the work was carried out by the building company Setz in close collaboration with Frau Veronika Strolz. The leisure complex has been completely redesigned, and now features a herbal sauna, a saline steam bath, a salt sauna and water beds.

The terrace was repaved, some rooms were fitted with lovely new wooden floors and two new rooms have been added. Together with the carpentry company Heel, Frau Veronika Strolz is now working on a family room with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Frau Strolz is involved in every aspect of the design work, right down to the smallest detail; only the very best curtains, light fittings and furnishings are good enough for her guests. 

Frau Strolz’s influence and good taste can be seen everywhere. She lives by the motto that things should be “lovely to look at, full of colour, offering every modern comfort, bright and welcoming, but nevertheless practical.”  …

PS: And naturally, when everything’s ready, we’ll have some new photos to show you!

New for Winter 2018/19


•    Herbal sauna
•    Saline steam bath
•    Salt sauna
•    Water beds
•    Terrace
•    Some new rooms