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News from the Hotel Anemone in Lech

This is the place to find all the latest news about Hotel Anemone and its surroundings


Auszeichnung durch unsere Hotelgäste

Gäste von haben uns ausgezeichnet!

Wir freuen uns wirklich sehr darüber, dass wir vom weltweit führenden Buchungsportal,, den "Guest Review Award 2018" erhalten haben. Diese Auszeichnung durch die buchenden Gäste zeigt uns, dass wir weiterhin auf dem richtigen Weg sind und unsere Bemühungen um zufriedene Gäste wahrgenommen wird.

Auch außerhalb der Wintersaison sind wir stets bemüht, das Hotel immer wieder auf Vordermann zu bringen und die Gäste mit der einen oder anderen Neuerung zu überraschen! Seien Sie gespannt, was bis zum nächsten Jahr passiert.

Vielen herzlichen Dank und wir versichern Ihnen, dass wir uns weiterhin sehr um das Wohl unserer Gäste bemühen werden!


Beer tasting with the Vorarlberg "Mohrenbräu" brewery in the Hotel Anemone, Lech

Over the last few years things have changed a lot in the world of beer: the simple drink made from hops, malt and water has acquired a number of different faces. Founded in Dornbirn in 1784 by Josef Mohr, the Vorarlberg Mohrenbräu brewery and inn has a long history.

On 1st May 1834 Franz-Anton Huber took over the inn and its associated brewery and, since the inn was by now one of the most popular spots in the town, he decided to keep the name unchanged. Ever since this time, the "Mohr" has become synonymous with local beer, and is a symbol throughout Vorarlberg for tradition, homeland and social commitment.

The "Mohrenbräu" brand has been part and parcel of Vorarlberg life for over 200 years, attaining virtually cultural status, with an appeal unmatched throughout the entire region. Over the years Mohrenbräu has been responsible for the creation of a great number of tasty and distinctive beers. 

From the top-fermented “Blütenweiß” beer, with a sparkling, champagne-like character and a fruity note of oranges, lemons and coriander with a touch of aniseed, right through to the “Peffersack” an unfiltered creative beer with a noble taste of pepper, there are countless unexpected taste experiences just waiting to be discovered.

This unique tasting experience is something you cannot afford to miss!

Tastings on 22nd January, 19th February and 12th March 2019.

Weinwochen 2019 im Hotel Anemone Lech

"Das Leben ist zu kurz um schlechten Wein zu trinken", sagte einst schon Goethe über den edlen Rebensaft. Nicht von ungefähr kommen zahlreiche Zitate von bekannten und weniger bekannten Persönlichkeiten zum Thema rund um den Wein. Auch wir im Hotel Anemone in Lech bieten unseren Gästen Weine aus verschiedensten Regionen und Ländern an.

Auch in diesem Jahr veranstalten wir wieder zwei besondere Weinwochen, in denen wir mehrere österreichische Winzer im Hotel bei uns zu Gast haben: In der Woche vom 12.-19. Jänner 2019 freuen wir uns über den Besuch folgender Winzer:

  • 14. Januar - Christian Fischer, Sooß / Thermenregion
  • 16. Januar - Alexander Egermann, Illmitz / Neusiedlersee
  • 18. Januar - Josef Tesch, Neckenmarkt / Mittelburgenland

In der Woche vom 30. März bis zum 06. April 2019 haben wir folgende Winzer aus Österreich zu Besuch:

  • 01. April - Johanneshof Reinisch (Michael), Tattendorf / Thermenregion
  • 03. April - Tom Dockner, Theyern / Traisental
  • 05. April - Johann Donabaum, Spitz / Wachau

Einen weiteren letzten Termin haben wir noch zum Saisonende anzubieten:

  • 21.- April - Heribert Bayer (Patrik), Neckenmarkt / Mittelburgenland
Weinflasche auf dem Tisch in der Lounge

New wellness complex in  Hotel Anemone

Offering 40 rooms, a wellness complex and an attractive restaurant, our family-run hotel was first established in the 1970s by sisters Veronika and Eugenie Strolz, and since that time it has been continually extended and updated. Nephew Mathias Beiser, the latest managing director, has introduced new ideas and brought fresh impetus into the hotel. Each year new refurbishment work is carried out with tireless enthusiasm – new bathrooms, new floors – there’s always something going on.

This year there were even more new projects being tackled, and this time the main focus was on the renovation of the entire wellness complex. The alterations were planned and the work was carried out by the building company Setz in close collaboration with Frau Veronika Strolz. The leisure complex has been completely redesigned, and now features a herbal sauna, a saline steam bath, a salt sauna and water beds.

The terrace was repaved, some rooms were fitted with lovely new wooden floors and two new rooms have been added. Together with the carpentry company Heel, Frau Veronika Strolz is now working on a family room with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Frau Strolz is involved in every aspect of the design work, right down to the smallest detail; only the very best curtains, light fittings and furnishings are good enough for her guests. 

Frau Strolz’s influence and good taste can be seen everywhere. She lives by the motto that things should be “lovely to look at, full of colour, offering every modern comfort, bright and welcoming, but nevertheless practical.”  …

PS: And naturally, when everything’s ready, we’ll have some new photos to show you!

New for Winter 2018/19


•    Herbal sauna
•    Saline steam bath
•    Salt sauna
•    Water beds
•    Terrace
•    Some new rooms



Bodymindwork with Christina Gelder

bodymindwork – one-to-one sessions

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Do you feel unwell, physically and/or mentally unbalanced, stressed out or desperate for change?  In this day and age, when stress is part of everyday life and the demands of family and career are often difficult to reconcile, it’s very easy for the body to get out of kilter. Bodymindwork will help you rediscover your inner self and enable you to use your innate capabilities carefully.

How high are my stress levels? How aware am I of the state of my body and the food I eat? How much me-time do I allow myself? Do I feel strong and fit enough to tackle the challenges and changes that life throws at me?

During the one-to-one sessions, IST-Reflexion techniques are used to analyse your current state and your immediate goals. Building on this, a range of individualised bodymindwork tools are used: Yoga, Pilates, Laughter Yoga, a simple workout, correct breathing techniques, meditation, spiral dynamics or mental training. Each training session is geared towards motivation, and acquiring the self-belief that change is possible with very little effort. Effecting change is not always hard! Bodymindwork helps you find increased self-awareness, discover a new pattern of life and establish a state of physical harmony. Because only balanced people have the strength to create something new!

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